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    Strategizing For More Followers On Your Social Media Account

    The conventions of solid marketing and advertising work suggest that it could take quite a bit of time to put a workable strategy together. Time, of which many of us don’t seem to have much of these days. And, as the boss always used to say to me (you too, perhaps); if you haven’t got the time, then make the time. Easier said than done. Don’t know about you, but I have an Instagram account.

    It’s working great for me at the moment. I’ve gained a bit of experience and I’ve learned some solid ways on how to increase followers on Instagram. And because I have so little time on my hands these days, time that would have and should have been spent on strategizing and account tweaking, I’ve had to take another route to increase the number of followers on my Instagram account.

    It’s done and dusted in a jiffy. It only takes a few minutes to buy up a batch of Instagram followers. And there you go. The secret is out. I buy my way in. You should too. Don’t squirm at this. You do want to do well in business, don’t you? That’s how it’s always been done. Owners of thriving businesses have always been prepared to get their hands dirty and open their wallets a little wider to get their business to expand and reach their targets.

    The target is always to make more money in the next quarter. In order to get a business to grow, you do need to be prepared to spend a bit on some of the marketing and advertising exercises required. Time is money, as they say. So, if you haven’t got the time to learn how to increase followers on Instagram, you can always buy them. But then again, if you haven’t got the time, then make the time. Like I said earlier, that’s what my boss used to say.

    Anyhow, anyhow, I did invest time in getting to know my existing clientele’s needs a little better. I composed a questionnaire, just a few short and simple quick and easy questions, and asked them how they were doing, and do you like what you see on my Instagram account. I got that answer sure enough. All folks with no time on their hands need to do is simply tap the ‘like’ button. But of course, it can be quite intimidating.

    What if no-one likes me? And how come I have so few followers? Well, that all changed. Good to know that there were some decent folks out there who valued what I was trying to achieve initially and were prepared to take a few minutes out of their hectic schedule to tell me what’s not working for them. The good thing about Instagram is that you only have so much space in which to write. The focus is all on the visuals.  You give your clients a few lines to express themselves to the point.

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    Making Lighter Work Of Social Media Marketing

    In order to get your nose in front, you really need to be as creative and inventive as possible. Much to my chagrin, I discovered this quite late in my life. By the time I signed up for my first social media account, the game was already several years old. How many million had already signed up, I could not know. I simply did not know nor did I particularly care. But it only took a few weeks before I became obsessed.

    For all the wrong reasons, the numbers game can become quite compulsive among social media account holders. One of the sordid reasons has to do with vanity. You feel quite grand when more than a dozen likes get ticked against your latest Instagram offering. Instagram? What on earth is this then? I discovered one of the world’s leading lights in social media marketing circles even later in the game.

    Do not ask how come. That would have to be a story for another day. Let’s just say that I was quite old-fashioned (still am up to a point) and for a long time was not able to fully comprehend and appreciate the impact social media marketing could have on my life. Initially, it did not take me long to establish a small circle. This circle would be confined just to family, the very folks who introduced me to social media in the first place, and guys and girls with which I had a lot in common.

    Being quite a wordy person and loving every inch of sharing my prose (all for free!) was quite easy. And it’s always quite nice when the Instagram likes start mounting up. Fortunately, I loved working with a camera. It was just a hobby really, but now it’s become a professional obsession. The old camera has been stored away, and in its place comes the smart mobile connector. It took me weeks (old school dude) to configure how to get the most out of my smart mobile.

    But once I got going, I just could not stop. Being good with words and quite fancy behind the camera was one independent way to learn and discover how to get more likes on Instagram. But boy, is it hard work. It becomes more challenging when you start using the tools at your disposal for the purpose of promoting your business. It’s quick and easy to make friends on Instagram and to learn how to get more likes on Instagram when you are merely sharing personal stories with your friends and families.

    What a really neat way to make new friends and meet some really interesting people, mostly folks who all seem to have something in common with you. But on the side of the business, there are some molehills to negotiate. Tips and tricks, there’s plenty of those, but persistence with your research and training is the game changer. And after just a few nights training, you see how easy it gets.

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    How I Gained A Good Following For My Literary Blog

    Hello readers. I am a rather old-fashioned chap. Interestingly; I am also what we would call your proverbial late bloomer. As opportunities for me to move forward with my life came much later than it would for others, I also started learning new things rather late in my life. Well, you know what they say. Better late than never. Anyhow, I always enjoyed reading and writing. Over the years I became quite a voracious consumer of books.

    But I was not so much the writer if you discount the composition of memos and business reports. And to think that we went on a two-day workshop just to learn how to send and receive emails all those years ago. Now we have social media. Everyone is on board, even me. Although, it’s fair to say that I joined you a lot later in the day. At the time of composing this post, I am still finding my feet around Instagram. I am learning how to gain more followers on Instagram.

    Given that I spend most of my working, creative and recreational days reading and writing, the snapping of photographs on my smart mobile and then sending them out for all and sundry to see is still quite a new practice. Whatever happened to the old camera with its flash? Even the flash drive has become something of an antique. Anyhow, and as I was saying, I had quite a few late starts in my life.

    And as I was saying earlier, it is never too late. And then there is this. You are never too old to learn new things. While some of my colleagues were settling down to time off with their grandchildren, I was sitting for my degree in Languages and writing. I did rather well if you do not mind me saying so, and it was only during the closing years of my study program that my smart and savvy younger brother introduced me to the fine arts and tools of blogging.

    It took me forever and a day to set up my first and only literary blog but once I got started, there was no turning back. The juices were flowing and the bug had entered my mainframe. After a few solid months of blogging, I managed to build a small band of followers. But it did come at a small cost. I had to follow them too. The number of followers has remained modest even up to now. I am more concerned about quality than quantity.

    But I was not getting enough traction to get my profession off to a rolling start. Fortunately, I managed to learn how to clip YouTube excerpts to my literary and critical work. I realize that reading from the internet does place a strain on the eyes and wanted to make my posts more interesting by including moving pictures that were somehow related to what I was writing about.

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    Aren’t You The Least Bit Curious About Social Media?

    Wouldn’t you like to learn how it all started out? Wouldn’t your mind be curious about the how and why social media have taken the world by storm? Heck, even Presidents, Kings and Queens are in on the act. Some of them are pretty famous, as famous as your top movie stars, so they didn’t need to do much to get real Instagram followers. But as for the rest of us, you and I have to work pretty darn hard to get anyone – as in, hello, is there anyone out there – to like, like us and follow us wherever we go.

    I must admit, I’m not exactly the most popular guy in town. In fact, on the social side – as in cool friends and just hanging out and having fun – I’ve toned things down quite a bit. I’m not exactly what you would call a social butterfly. I rarely spend time on my social media networks, and I have a few. So, there you go – and really, I can’t blame you-you’re all thinking, just great, what a great advertisement for social media and all the great sites out there.

    Where’s the lesson to get real Instagram followers to, like, really like you? I mean, like genuine folks, genuine folks like you, is what I’m saying. The thing is, I burned my tongue one too many times. Got myself in hot water over the big opinions I used to carry on my shoulders. And now, quite rightly, some of you are saying, but yaah, that’s right, that’s what social media is for. To air your views. Air your dirty laundry?

    Okay. Anyway, what you do with your favourite social media platform is entirely your business. But I do think it’s a great idea to be nice every once in a while. I learned my lesson on this one. Say the wrong thing to the wrong crowd even though you know that deep down in your solid heart you believe you were right, and see how things start to backfire. Pretty quickly, I might add. Watch that house of cards come crumbling down.

    The thing about being careful with your social media feeds is that there are far too many gossipy busybodies out there with nothing better to do with their time than look up stuff about people. And they always seem to want the juicy and bad stuff. Just think. This could kill a business. It’s happened before and it will probably happen again. Yaah, the big shots, the world’s most popular, do get away with a lot.

    But you and me? Well, we’re just small fish in the pond. Because we all want to do well in life and get noticed, we’ll soon be swimming in the sea. And that’s where things get really choppy. You’ve got to duck the big waves and then you’ve got to look out for the sharks. There’s plenty of them, so watch out, guys.

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    Understand How Social Media Works And End Up With More Followers

    It was all too easy. Take Instagram. Many of you know about one of the world’s leading social media platforms and many of you have gone on to process your own account. So, if the latter is already you, then maybe you can relate to what I am about to say. As for the rest of you, do sit back and enjoy this account, if you will, on drawing the horse to its water trough and getting it to drink already.

    Understanding and appreciating how the concept of social media marketing works and getting a good grip on how the tools of different social media sites work to your advantage, you will soon be on your way towards gaining the traction, attention and support that you so cravenly crave. And if you already have an Instagram account, you will soon know how to get more followers on Instagram.

    It feels as though I have already given you a neat explanation. But let me just reiterate for you than, say, in more theoretical terms. Marketing by way of your social media platforms entails a process of attracting traffic to your account. Taking the example of Instagram, there are already (interior and exterior) algorithms at work but there is only so much that it can do. Much of the work has to be done by you. You can install a tracking device if you will and proceed to monitor how traffic ebbs and flows to and from your site.

    And then you can scrutinize the results and adjust your strategy accordingly. This installation is for your independent use and it can be customized. If you don’t know how to install it, ask someone who knows a bit of tech and how SEO works. SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization. And even this term is pretty much self-explanatory. Heck, even I could understand it. Here you can react positively to how unknown people perceive you.

    You are in a position to do something about your current status. So, if you need to get more followers on Instagram, there will be a strategy for you to follow through going forward. Great that you have an Instagram account (or are in the process of setting up one) but do think about having one or two more social media platforms to work from. The thing is, each platform has its own uses. You will also be able to accumulate more followers this way.

    And of course, there are possibilities for linking. You link all platforms directly to your business website. Talk about leading the horse to drink its water. And then there’s this. Don’t give yourself too much admin. Pretty soon, you’ll have no time for the core of your business. And don’t obsess too much about the number of followers you have, or don’t have, on your account. Do your homework well and all in good time. Of course, there’s always that other option. Buy your followers.