How I Gained A Good Following For My Literary Blog

Hello readers. I am a rather old-fashioned chap. Interestingly; I am also what we would call your proverbial late bloomer. As opportunities for me to move forward with my life came much later than it would for others, I also started learning new things rather late in my life. Well, you know what they say. Better late than never. Anyhow, I always enjoyed reading and writing. Over the years I became quite a voracious consumer of books.

But I was not so much the writer if you discount the composition of memos and business reports. And to think that we went on a two-day workshop just to learn how to send and receive emails all those years ago. Now we have social media. Everyone is on board, even me. Although, it’s fair to say that I joined you a lot later in the day. At the time of composing this post, I am still finding my feet around Instagram. I am learning how to gain more followers on Instagram.

Given that I spend most of my working, creative and recreational days reading and writing, the snapping of photographs on my smart mobile and then sending them out for all and sundry to see is still quite a new practice. Whatever happened to the old camera with its flash? Even the flash drive has become something of an antique. Anyhow, and as I was saying, I had quite a few late starts in my life.

And as I was saying earlier, it is never too late. And then there is this. You are never too old to learn new things. While some of my colleagues were settling down to time off with their grandchildren, I was sitting for my degree in Languages and writing. I did rather well if you do not mind me saying so, and it was only during the closing years of my study program that my smart and savvy younger brother introduced me to the fine arts and tools of blogging.

It took me forever and a day to set up my first and only literary blog but once I got started, there was no turning back. The juices were flowing and the bug had entered my mainframe. After a few solid months of blogging, I managed to build a small band of followers. But it did come at a small cost. I had to follow them too. The number of followers has remained modest even up to now. I am more concerned about quality than quantity.

But I was not getting enough traction to get my profession off to a rolling start. Fortunately, I managed to learn how to clip YouTube excerpts to my literary and critical work. I realize that reading from the internet does place a strain on the eyes and wanted to make my posts more interesting by including moving pictures that were somehow related to what I was writing about.