Making Lighter Work Of Social Media Marketing

In order to get your nose in front, you really need to be as creative and inventive as possible. Much to my chagrin, I discovered this quite late in my life. By the time I signed up for my first social media account, the game was already several years old. How many million had already signed up, I could not know. I simply did not know nor did I particularly care. But it only took a few weeks before I became obsessed.

For all the wrong reasons, the numbers game can become quite compulsive among social media account holders. One of the sordid reasons has to do with vanity. You feel quite grand when more than a dozen likes get ticked against your latest Instagram offering. Instagram? What on earth is this then? I discovered one of the world’s leading lights in social media marketing circles even later in the game.

Do not ask how come. That would have to be a story for another day. Let’s just say that I was quite old-fashioned (still am up to a point) and for a long time was not able to fully comprehend and appreciate the impact social media marketing could have on my life. Initially, it did not take me long to establish a small circle. This circle would be confined just to family, the very folks who introduced me to social media in the first place, and guys and girls with which I had a lot in common.

Being quite a wordy person and loving every inch of sharing my prose (all for free!) was quite easy. And it’s always quite nice when the Instagram likes start mounting up. Fortunately, I loved working with a camera. It was just a hobby really, but now it’s become a professional obsession. The old camera has been stored away, and in its place comes the smart mobile connector. It took me weeks (old school dude) to configure how to get the most out of my smart mobile.

But once I got going, I just could not stop. Being good with words and quite fancy behind the camera was one independent way to learn and discover how to get more likes on Instagram. But boy, is it hard work. It becomes more challenging when you start using the tools at your disposal for the purpose of promoting your business. It’s quick and easy to make friends on Instagram and to learn how to get more likes on Instagram when you are merely sharing personal stories with your friends and families.

What a really neat way to make new friends and meet some really interesting people, mostly folks who all seem to have something in common with you. But on the side of the business, there are some molehills to negotiate. Tips and tricks, there’s plenty of those, but persistence with your research and training is the game changer. And after just a few nights training, you see how easy it gets.