Strategizing For More Followers On Your Social Media Account

The conventions of solid marketing and advertising work suggest that it could take quite a bit of time to put a workable strategy together. Time, of which many of us don’t seem to have much of these days. And, as the boss always used to say to me (you too, perhaps); if you haven’t got the time, then make the time. Easier said than done. Don’t know about you, but I have an Instagram account.

It’s working great for me at the moment. I’ve gained a bit of experience and I’ve learned some solid ways on how to increase followers on Instagram. And because I have so little time on my hands these days, time that would have and should have been spent on strategizing and account tweaking, I’ve had to take another route to increase the number of followers on my Instagram account.

It’s done and dusted in a jiffy. It only takes a few minutes to buy up a batch of Instagram followers. And there you go. The secret is out. I buy my way in. You should too. Don’t squirm at this. You do want to do well in business, don’t you? That’s how it’s always been done. Owners of thriving businesses have always been prepared to get their hands dirty and open their wallets a little wider to get their business to expand and reach their targets.

The target is always to make more money in the next quarter. In order to get a business to grow, you do need to be prepared to spend a bit on some of the marketing and advertising exercises required. Time is money, as they say. So, if you haven’t got the time to learn how to increase followers on Instagram, you can always buy them. But then again, if you haven’t got the time, then make the time. Like I said earlier, that’s what my boss used to say.

Anyhow, anyhow, I did invest time in getting to know my existing clientele’s needs a little better. I composed a questionnaire, just a few short and simple quick and easy questions, and asked them how they were doing, and do you like what you see on my Instagram account. I got that answer sure enough. All folks with no time on their hands need to do is simply tap the ‘like’ button. But of course, it can be quite intimidating.

What if no-one likes me? And how come I have so few followers? Well, that all changed. Good to know that there were some decent folks out there who valued what I was trying to achieve initially and were prepared to take a few minutes out of their hectic schedule to tell me what’s not working for them. The good thing about Instagram is that you only have so much space in which to write. The focus is all on the visuals.  You give your clients a few lines to express themselves to the point.